There are many different Filters designed from:

Modular Filters Sleeve Bagging Units

This type of Unit is used to obtain higher Filter Areas to cater for larger Air and Dust Volumes with the waste material being collected into Polythene Bags within Steel Bins.

This type of Unit is also suitable for handling fine dusts, i.e. Sander Dust, M.D.F. etc. and can be manufactured with a suitable Explosion Relief Panel, which is ATEX Approved and Certified. The waste material can either be collected in Polythene Bags or discharged ‘pressure free’ via a Rotary Discharge Valve.

Chain Filters

Our Chain Filter has been designed to meet the needs of small, medium and the largest of manufacturing Wood Working and Joinery Companies, with emphasis on easy expansion requirements for future growth. These filters will handle high volumes of extracted waste materials produced by todays high throughput machines.

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