MEL QA Clipped Ducting

All Circular Ductwork will be manufactured from prime quality, cold reduced, continuously hot dipped galvanized commercially flat sheet steel, complying with BS 2989 Group 2 – Class 2A.

All Ductwork will now be of “fully welded” construction and supplied in standard 1.25m lengths. Ductwork sized from 100 mm diameter to 500 mm diameter inclusive, will be supplied from our standard range and will be joined together using our unique Q.A. Clip.

Bends and Offsets shall normally have a minimum throat radius equal to the diameter of the Duct. Where short radii bends are used due to site limitations, they will be discussed and agreed with your Engineer.

All Bends from 100 mm to 180 mm diameter inclusive, will be pressed and Bends above 180 mm diameter will be segmented with paned joints.

All Ductwork and Bends above 500 mm diameter will be supplied with flanges at each end for ease of site assembly.

This range includes:

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